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Welcome to Major Player Music School

Major Player Music School in Rockhampton is one of Central Queensland’s leading music schools for early childhood music education, piano lessons, instrumental music lessons, music theory classes and speech and drama classes.

Our professional, independent music school offers fun and effective lessons for all ages and levels – from 2 years+ and from beginner to advanced.

Learn to play Piano or Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Strings, Brass & Woodwind or learn to sing in a professional and enjoyable environment.

Why Music?

We believe that music provides a platform for the development of not only musical abilities but that it enhances social skills and brain capacity for all other areas of life.

Bernadette Gorman

Bernadette Gorman


‘Miss Berna’ co-owned the award winning Northside Music School at the Grange in Brisbane for 13 years before tertiary music teaching in Australia and overseas.

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