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April 10, 2020

We have continued to move quickly forward since last week when we completed a full week of on-line lessons.

There was much to learn for all of us.  Berna has recorded observations of the week that includes feedback from other teachers as well. VIEW FEEDBACK VIDEO HERE

Some of her key messages are:

  • Be properly prepared for your lesson.  Be early to the Zoom ‘waiting room’ and ensure you have what is needed for the lesson – music, theory books, stationery, tuner, metronome etc.
  • Visit zoom.us for excellent tutorials that will help in further familiarising yourselves with the technology. You will undoubtably need more tech knowledge to help with school and every-day life so do take advantage of these resources to help yourself whilst you have extra time at home.
  • Use the time in the waiting room productively, warm up, play some scales or review what you achieved during the week past and what questions you have for your teacher.
  • Manage your environment prior to the meeting.  Toilet and drinks.  Turn off other media including TVs.  Set up your device in the best position for your teacher to see the instrument and you.  Check lighting.
  • Improve your posture at your instrument.  Be professional in your intent.  Have the right setting for your lesson, piano on its stand or table and the correct chair and footstool if required for younger ones.  Both feet on the floor for stability as you would at Major Player.


Two further pieces of important news include that we are moving to the ‘Moodle’ platform which will provide excellent immediate records of lessons with comments that will be fully available on-line to families and students.  ‘I have forgotten what homework was set’ will be a thing of the past!

The Nancy Weir Awards are back on!  We will be live streaming the event next Saturday, 18th April from 4-5pm (GMT +1000hrs for our overseas contacts).  CLICK HERE  for the ‘Nancy Weir Awards’ page to book your free front row seats and then organise your picnic baskets and drinks.  Everyone, grandparents, aunties and uncles, friends and neighbours from anywhere in the world, can all attend this bit of fun even though we are all in isolation!!

Have a Safe and Happy Easter.


Zoom arrives – Distance Learning at Major Player from Monday

Zoom arrives – Distance Learning at Major Player from Monday

March 27, 2020

Zoom arrives this weekend at Major Player! As all schools close this week, the last face-to-face lessons will be tomorrow. Families of all students will receive an email invitation before Monday to join their lesson next week (the final week of Term 1) by zoom.

All you will have to do is download the ‘Zoom’ app from the App Store to your device (the larger device the better but even any phone will do) and then click on the link we will send you by email for the meeting 10-15 mins before your normal lesson time. Perhaps spend that time organising your music, your instrument, your metronome and warming up. Even a bit of practice!!

Please refer to our website ‘majorplayer.com.au’ and look for the tab ‘On-line lessons’ for more detailed information.

Your teachers will be having their own ‘zoom meeting’ after teaching our last lessons tomorrow at 4pm so that we are ready for you all next week!!

Remember to keep yourselves safe in these times and follow the instructions we have all been given on distancing.



March 18, 2020

‘Progress’ and ‘Big Effort’ Awards will be presented by each student’s teacher in week 10 (subject to early arrival of trophies).  A family member may attend to record that presentation for uploading to media.  An opportunity will be provided (to be further advised) for the choir and the ‘Nancy Weir’ Awards recipients to be presented and recorded separately.

The Rockhampton Eisteddfod Committee has this morning announced its cancellation for 2020.

The AMEB however advises that entries should still be lodged next week for the May piano sitting of this 1:1 activity.

Whilst it is disappointing that performance opportunities will be limited this year, we trust that everyone will continue to strive for diligence in their studies.  Perhaps this is an era where life will not be so busy and that we all have extra time to consider the things that we love.

Regards to all,

Steve and Miss Berna



March 18, 2020

The safety of our students, teachers and families remains paramount.

Commencing immediately, the following operational procedures at Major Player are implemented:

  • All families who have a returning member from overseas within 14 days who have not self-isolated are requested to stay away from lessons until those 14 days have elapsed, without symptoms;
  • Students who are unwell, particularly with flu-like symptoms are requested to stay away until well;
  • Parents are not required at lessons, either private or group, until the government varies its warnings to maintain distance separation.  Students should arrive for their lesson not earlier than 10 minutes before the appointed time and may sit in the waiting room for their teacher’s availability.
  • Students will have supervised washing of hands with their teacher before all lessons; and
  • Anti-bacterial wipes have been provided to each teacher, in each room, to clean pianos and keyboards before each individual and group class.


In our normal way, we will make every attempt to find suitable make-up lessons where attendances are unavoidable due to these protocols.

We are delighted in being able to provide ongoing opportunities for advancement to our students.

Best wishes to everyone, Steve and Miss Berna.