Your Lesson – Your Music

Learn to play what you want on your favourite instrument!

Major Player Music School offers lesson in Piano & Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Strings, Voice and Brass & Woodwind, including Clarinet and Saxophone.

Learn from experienced teachers and performers in a safe and fun environment.

Individual lessons are available on all instruments for all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced.

We also conduct Music Theory Classes to help you ace your exams.

Your Lesson – Your Child

Give your child the ideal start with group music.

Start with Kinder Beat for your  2 to 4-year-old, a delightful introduction to music for children and parents. Junior Music or Primary Music are alternative starting points for 4- to 10-year-olds in a keyboard-based program.

Your Lesson – Your Life

Music Lessons are available on a weekly basis during each school term.

Afternoons and Saturdays are our most popular options. We schedule your lessons to suit you best.

Major Player Music School is a professional, independent Music School under the direction of our principal Bernadette Gorman. We are located centrally in Rockhampton adjacent to Green Brothers Music.

Why Learn Music?

We believe that music provides a platform for the development of not only musical abilities but enhances social skills and brain capacity capable of use in many other areas of life. Read more in Research